BloomTech Developments



Name: Melissa Bloom

Title: CEO

Company: BloomTech Developments presents REGISTRATION AUTOMATION

Location: Jackson, MS



Founder Highlights:

  • FounderGym Graduate.
  • Started a medical billing & practice management company that caters to 1-5 provider medical offices that require dedicated help to establish their revenue systems and structure.
  • Spearheaded the onboarding and/or transition for over 120 providers to Electronic Health Records & Practice Management systems inclusive of in-depth customizations based on provider specific workflow.
  • Helped establish a new collections process at the 3rd largest hospital in the United States, Jackson Memorial Hospital, in Miami, Florida.  Trained over 100 medical billers of industry & best practices
  • 20+ years of experience in the healthcare administration, specializing in revenue cycle management and practice management.
  • Expert trainer in Open Practice Solutions, NexGen and Practice Solution, all of which are in the top 10 solutions used by providers.

Distance Traveled:

I was kicked out of college after my first year. Booted from freedom and campus life, I found myself spending over 80% of my time planted on my parents’ couch dodging looks of disappointment and concern. I got a call from a temp agency one day and I knew it was going to be more than just a six-week gig. The position was clerk at Blue Cross & Blue Shield. I left there 6 years later as a senior claims processor head into a position as Client Manager with SSI Group. I went back and completed my bachelor’s degree, learned more and more about the healthcare administration industry and found out I was in this industry to stay. I further invested in myself and clients I served and completed a Master of Healthcare Administration degree.  I developed a reputation in my hometown as knowledgeable, sincere, diligent and result oriented. This was because I became genuinely concerned about physicians not having their administrative process in order. Proper registration is prerequisite to successful medical billing. Medical billing is the source of revenue for over 93% of physicians in the U.S. It is important that all revenue cycle revenue tasks were done properly. It could literally make or break a medical facility. My services and this technology represent my desire to achieve an optimal revenue cycle process for all medical providers.

Differences as Strengths:

My father always called me aberrant. He was correct! I am relentless about doing things correctly and orderly. I believe in considering the unseen, inconceivable or unexpected all in the name of the best, most accurate and most efficient solution. I believe in working diligently on an assignment until it’s completed. When you are working to accomplish the highest order, the end will justify the means.